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In his first collection, HUNGER AND OTHER STORIES, the characters are driven by intense yearnings for the satisfaction of their most basic human desires. Some want intimacy, others acceptance, approval, security. All are thwarted by personal shortcomings, or the shortcomings of others, in their attempts to fulfill their longing. Here are stories of fathers and sons who cannot get along, people who use friendship merely as an avenue to career advancement, lovers for whom even sex isn't a way of communicating. Fourteen stories which "despite their restlessness," North American Review editor Robley Wilson says, "glitter with persistent hopes."

Hunger and Other Stories
The Wilson Poems

These poems are direct and often humorous social commentaries on contemporary life.



The Complex

"In Ian Wilson's THE COMPLEX, unceasing aftershocks rattle buildings in Los Angeles, and the tremors extend to surprising places: connections among people come unglued, reason jangles, the tenuous logic that holds civilization together clatters and squeals. This dark and absurdly funny homage to Kafka's The Castle made me laugh out loud a dozen times."—Robert Boswell

Ruthless Heaven

Ian Randall Wilson's debut poetry collection considers the rotations of the earth, fog on the road, and the darkness that spreads over the lake while never neglecting the complicated "marketplace of the heart." These are poems that can gaze outward and peer inward, often at the same time, to reveal the mysteries that exist in both of these spaces. Ruthless Heaven is a striking accomplishment--a poignant meditation on nature, mortality and the human struggle to "emerge into this radiant world."

--Matthew Olzmann

Book no.2
Book no.1

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